What is the turnaround time for your histology services?

A routine tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and H&E staining project typically takes 48-72 hours from the time samples are received. Large projects and additional services, such as IHC staining, digital imaging, and image analysis may require additional processing time.

How can I ship samples for processing and embedding?

The samples should be pre-fixed and shipped either in 70% ethanol at ambient temperature, or shipped cold in aqueous buffers.

What are the criteria for “RNA in situ Grade” samples?

A sample is tested by RNAscope using a house-keeping control probe targeting PPIB. A score of 2 or above based on ACD’s recommendation will qualify as “RNA in situ Grade”.

Can I request tissue samples based on specific criteria?

Yes, we have a large inventory of human and animal tissue specimens. Please contact us for a list of inventory tissues with detailed information. We also have access to a large network of hospitals and clinical institutions and can prospectively acquire samples based on customer requirements.